Merril’s kind and loving nature completely perforated my hard exterior and made me more open to exploring what was hindering my life.

Working with Merril over several years for various life situations that have arisen have proven to be not only a God-send but much needed at various times. I cannot thank Merril enough for being a confidant, non-judgemental objective advisor, counsellor and guide. Merril’s forgiving and undiscriminating nature has been a lifeline at times and has taught me to treat myself with more compassion and kindness.

Family history, background and past experiences all influenced my personhood, a bitter, negative and self-loathing individual who trusted no one. With the help of Life Skill Counselling, Merril has radically changed my heart, my world views and walk as a Christian and fellow human. I can not praise the work that Merril does enough and would highly recommend him to anyone considering a form of mental health treatment. Merril’s kind words ‘we will get through this together’ is always true and trustworthy. The results are not immediate but given the right time it is effective and life altering.

I highly recommend Life Skill Counselling, give yourself the time, go through the process and with small steps at a time you will discover with great delight the life altering transformation that Merril has so effortlessly guided you through.


Since I can remember I always struggled with a sense of guilt and condemnation when it came to my walk with God. It didn’t matter how hard I tried or how committed I was towards the Christian faith I always found myself failing to reach the expectations I believed God had of me.

All this changed in a real and very exciting way, from the moment I decided to spend time with Merril. I received so much insight and understanding from our chats and fellowships. I came to understand why I felt so guilty and worthless when I had tried to approach God or do something for Him.

I can honestly say that because of our sessions and the insight I received, I am now living from the center of my being. Life is there to be enjoyed and to be lived to its full potential.

Too many people are settling for a counterfeit way of living, because they don’t understand what God has done for them through Christ. Those same people can decide to continue to survive or they can gain the correct information that will help them to a life in God that is beyond the dreams any man or woman. Merril is one of those people that can help you to get the correct information in order to live a life of freedom and enjoyment.


I have over the course of my life had numerous counselling sessions but none of them on a Christian basis.

I met Merril at SW Vineyard several years ago. When I realised he was a counsellor I immediately went to him for help. We have been meeting regularly for over a year. He has helped me over many difficulties in my past life.

One of the main things that stands out with Merril is that he has positive input during the sessions. My previous experience of therapy sessions is that I had to do all the talking and the counsellor just listened. Merril listens and then often repeats what I have said in a concise way so that I know that he has understood exactly what I meant. He will often put forward ideas and suggestions, which as he has listened so closely in the first place are usually concise and to the point and usually very helpful and perceptive. When you are with him you get the sense that you are the only person he is interested in.

Among other things he has helped me with my relationship with God and the church. I have had many negative relationships with the church and have had a load of guilt laid on me by me. Merril has helped me overcome this guilt.

He is a gracious gentle man of God filled with the Holy Spirit.


Merril and his teaching have changed my life. I remember writing in my journal after one of our sessions that I felt as though I’d been living in a house with dirty windows my entire life, and that for the first time, someone had come in and cleaned those windows. I could actually see out now! Everything looked and felt completely different.

Merril’s work is a true gift to the world, and I’m so grateful that God brought him across my path. I know that countless people will find freedom here, just like I have.