Why do we struggle?

This world is not perfect. We have a free will. Many people over the centuries and right up to the present have abused this privilege by making bad choices and dominating those around them. This has a direct impact upon us mentally, emotionally and spiritually and forms a foundation for error-based thinking. This may result in anxiety or some other unhelpful coping mechanism.

As people we have all suffered trauma. These traumas may occur before birth, right up to the present. Many of these traumas are suppressed and subconscious, but have a direct influence on our daily functioning. The result is that we unwittingly respond to external stimuli - for example: an over-emotional response to something being said in a particular way or an unreasonable response to insects or environment. Faced with such emotional turmoil, we may resort to substance abuse, poor eating habits, smoking, or becoming workaholics, which may result in a deterioration of health.

The spiritual dimension can have a direct influence upon our lives especially if we have become involved with the occult or esoteric practices. Our ancestors’ participation in such practices will also affect us as well as soul-ties and spiritual attachments we may have with other people or members of our family.