What to expect

With all one-on-one and couple counselling you will have my personal and individual attention in a safe environment. Confidentiality is my highest priority. You will receive support and understanding regarding your needs. Normally, you would come to our sessions with some idea of what you would like to discuss and achieve. Together we will talk through the difficulties and find ways in which the situation can be improved in a safe environment. You will at all times be able to guide our conversations although I may suggest that you explore certain concepts and ideas.

The initial meeting will be an assessment of 70 minutes, after which we will develop a plan of action of counselling lasting a number of weeks. Some have received sufficient help to overcome their difficulties in just one visit. Experience has shown that most benefit is derived with regular meetings every one or two weeks.

My commitment is to you, to help you overcome your difficulties for as long as it may take. My experience is that most people experience significant improvement within 4 or 5 sessions. My objective is to guide and equip you so that, in due time, you will be able to enjoy life and become all you were created to be.