Carola, 50s, London

I have over the course of my life had numerous counselling sessions but none of them on a Christian basis.

I met Merril at SW Vineyard several years ago. When I realised he was a counsellor I immediately went to him for help. We have been meeting regularly for over a year. He has helped me over many difficulties in my past life.

One of the main things that stands out with Merril is that he has positive input during the sessions. My previous experience of therapy sessions is that I had to do all the talking and the counsellor just listened. Merril listens and then often repeats what I have said in a concise way so that I know that he has understood exactly what I meant. He will often put forward ideas and suggestions, which as he has listened so closely in the first place are usually concise and to the point and usually very helpful and perceptive. When you are with him you get the sense that you are the only person he is interested in.

Among other things he has helped me with my relationship with God and the church. I have had many negative relationships with the church and have had a load of guilt laid on me by me. Merril has helped me overcome this guilt.

He is a gracious gentle man of God filled with the Holy Spirit.

Carola, 2009