Melissa, 20's, London

When I first met Merril, he opened the door with a wide, welcoming smile and I immediately felt safe. I had not intended on opening up as I tried to hide a lot of who I really was and what I was truly feeling without realising it. But this time he hit a nerve. The Holy Spirit was working deep inside me Ė at one point I felt the Lordís presence so strongly. When Merril said the words, ĎNow Iím just going to let the Holy Spirit do his workí, it was as if the Holy Spirit walked over to me and sat right next to me. Over a period of a few weeks I got to know the Holy Spirit better. It was always a pattern I recognised, a way I could identify when it was the Holy Spirit and when it was just my own feelings and emotions. I would feel heat on my forehead or on my neck, I felt a rocking sensation inside of me and sometimes I would feel as if my head was gently being held down by a strong magnetic force. Lie-based thinking had oppressed me. Well, God was sure fixing that! Merril has helped me cleared up a few misconceptions I had about the world, others and myself.

Merril is an open vessel for God to pour out his life, love, truth and hope. He changed the way I thought about God. I have discovered that itís okay to depend on God Ė that Iím not weak but that he actually wants me to go to Him, seek Him, ask Him so that he can take care of me, so that He can talk to me, love me and that I can have a real relationship with Him. Iím learning to trust Him and that if I make a mistake, it is better than doing nothing at all. Iíve learned that patience is a virtue. It is not easy but it gets easier as time goes by. Iíve learnt that God turns everything out for good and that he will give me the desires of my heart and He already has in so many ways. Merril has taught me specific and effective techniques that I can use to cope with my thoughts and feelings. It gets easier and easier everyday and I become a little freer in every way. Thank you God for Merril!

Melissa, 2009