George, 20ís, London

Since I can remember I always struggled with a sense of guilt and condemnation when it came to my walk with God. It didn't matter how hard I tried or how committed I was towards the Christian faith I always found myself failing to reach the expectations I believed God had of me.

All this changed in a real and very exciting way, from the moment I decided to spend time with Merril. I received so much insight and understanding from our chats and fellowships. I came to understand why I felt so guilty and worthless when I had tried to approach God or do something for Him.

I can honestly say that because of our sessions and the insight I received, I am now living from the center of my being. Life is there to be enjoyed and to be lived to its full potential.

Too many people are settling for a counterfeit way of living, because they don't understand what God has done for them through Christ. Those same people can decide to continue to survive or they can gain the correct information that will help them to a life in God that is beyond the dreams any man or woman. Merril is one of those people that can help you to get the correct information in order to live a life of freedom and enjoyment.

George, 2009