Brendon, 30ís, London

ĎIf someone spits in your face, what does it make you?íí was Merrilís first question to me. I answered that it would make me angry and frustrated, but after many sessions with Merril, I came to realise the truth; we choose our own reactions and if our reactions are not peace, patience, kindness etc, then I had best deal with it. I eventually realised that if someone spat in my face, all it made me was wet, nothing else.

Merril has the ability to pray in the Spirit, specifically for the brokenness inside. Cognitive therapy cannot reach as deeply or as quickly as the true healing that comes from the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I went to Merril for counselling as my marriage had just ended, needing answers and healing and not only did I find peace and stability but I also gained a friend in the process. Whenever I come to a grinding halt and I donít know what to do Merril has constantly led me to the Cross and there I have gained a new relationship with the Father.

Jesus dined with sinners, thieves, prostitutes, why? Because they were drawn to a man who loved them so much regardless. The world in which we live judges and condemns us but He never looks at the sin, he looks at the person, crying out for love and restoration. Jesus never condemns, instead he says, come, come my children and let me take your burdens, and rest in me. The reason so many Christians live a life that is broken and so much less than they were made to be is because of lack of healing. We have all had events in our past that have hurt us and now contain lies distorting who we really are. The healing process allows the gentle spirit of Jesus to move through each memory removing the pain and lies that have held us captive. What a liberating process. Itís an awesome thing to be able to sit with someone and tell them the deepest parts of my character that are not right and that are broken, and there is no fear or condemnation; Merril simply helps you to deal with the root of the lie whether it be fear, anger etc.

A healing sessions is just this, Merril is a vessel of God facilitating the same immense healing as if we were holding on to Jesusí cloak. I never feel put on the spot but instead Iím so aware that Merril genuinely wants to see me healed and walking in restoration. Merril overflows with Godís love.

It is rare to find someone who truly cares and only wants to see you healed and restored. I am so blessed to have Merril in my life and I am honoured to call him my friend. I have found a peace that truly passes all understanding.

Brendon, 2009