Personal Testimony

My life before my conversion to Christ in 1986 was focused on living correctly, exercising self-control and self-discipline. My life centred on spiritual esoteric study and self-improvement and discipline.

My wife suffered from bi-polar disorder. Through a chain of events, she made a commitment to Christ. Although I was not interested in Christianity, I supported her and went with her to church. In my mind I had no need of Christ and thought I knew it all. I was unaware that Margie's friends had begun to pray for my salvation.

During a Sunday meeting, contrary to everything that was inside me, I was propelled by the Holy Spirit to respond to an alter call. As I was ministered to and repeated a sinner's prayer, I was still firmly convinced in my mind that the virgin birth was a myth, that the devil and hell did not exist and that the Bible was a non-relevant historical book.

In the first year after my commitment to Christ, the Lord took me on a personal walk through the Bible. I was doing a study on angels and demonology, starting in Genesis. By the time I got to the New Testament, I knew that the virgin birth had to be a reality, that hell and the devil did exist and that the Bible was without error from cover to cover.

I did not come to know Jesus as my personal saviour out of a need. There was no dramatic conversion or change in my life but as I reflect, I see a steady growth in my understanding of Godís amazing grace.

I was baptised in water on 29 March 1987.