Foundational Principles Used

Through various events we may experience emotional and mental difficulties. The initial aim is to identify the original source or event. Once the original event or trauma is identified, we can deal with the emotional and metal impact connected to that event which should help us to develop better life skills.

A number of different methods and techniques are used to resolve the emotional and mental connections associated with the trauma or event. It may be through the correct application of confession and forgiveness or other Biblical principles or through deep therapy with the help of the Holy Spirit. Interventions like grounding or choosing different behavioural responses may also be used. With coaching and teaching, you will gain a different understanding on relationships (bonding or the lack of it) and learn to know your own personal areas of responsibility (boundaries).

In the event of strong spiritual influences, these may need to be dealt with first before other interventions can be successfully applied.

All counselling and teaching is base on non-judgemental and non-performance orientated application of Biblical principals and when correctly applied they will work whether you believe in God or not.