Counselling Experience

I have been involved with Pastoral Counselling since 1993 and have over 4000 hours experience working with people with a wide range of different problems. Since my original training I have continued to develop my skills by attending seminars, courses, reading and research to gain a deeper understanding on how best to help those that are searching for their own restoration. Added to this are my own personal struggles and how I received wholeness through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In 1996 I became involved with Options, a crisis pregnancy centre under the auspices of Youth for Christ. I underwent training at the centre and was a member of their Ministry Committee until 1999. I assisted in the area of Post Abortion Stress counselling and gave support to the counsellors at the centre (including debriefing.) In 1998 I served as director and represented Options in presentations, workshops, seminars and training of volunteers, all the while I continued to help others outside the centre.

In 1998 I became a volunteer counsellor at the George Rape Crisis centre after receiving the necessary training.

I have worked with various clients at the George Night Shelter, a shelter for homeless people, under the direction of Riaan Notnagel, the social worker linked to the night shelter. The work involved counselling people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and those from destructive and dysfunctional home backgrounds.

From 1999 to May 2002 I was working in collaboration with a medical doctor, Dr Johan Volschenk, who referred some of his patients to me for counselling.

Currently I am living in southwest London where I continue to fulfill my calling as a Pastoral Counsellor in a private capacity.

I have been trained and been involved in marriage counselling, divorce counselling and bereavement counselling. I have also ministered to the dying on a number of occasions.

In South Africa, I conducted teaching seminars on marriage enrichment, personal finances and life skills to equip people to live a fulfilled life.