Counselling Descriptions

Systemic Family Therapy

With Systemic Family Therapy everyone within the family is assisted in to finding solutions to what is causing the family difficulty. The difficulty may be one family member struggling with a particular disorder or relational differences that is causing stress. Each member of the family is help in how they view the problem, their own personal struggle and to develop different ways of coping. The interactional patterns that may result from beliefs, behaviours and contexts that have enveloped the family though past family experiences and generational patterns could also be addressed.


Life Skill Counsel is able to provide a safe and confidential environment for people to discuss private, confidential and sometimes distressing issues that is causing difficulties in their life. An integrated model will be used that is best suited for the individual’s specific need and goals. You will be helped to gain new insights and perceptions that will help you to overcome your difficulties. You will be coached in new life skills that will help you regain control over your life.

Pastoral Counselling

The word pastor is derived from the word “shepherd”, one who looks after sheep. Shepherding people involves listening, teaching, refreshing, restoring, comforting, guiding, encouraging, shielding, while tending to their needs, strengthening the weak, leading by example to help the hurting in their pursuit of restoration without controlling them.

On the other hand psychotherapeutic counselling is the management of emotional and mental difficulties using a variety of communication techniques and interventions to help people who would like to improve their ability to cope with problems.

Pastoral Counselling combines the two, allowing you to progress at your own chosen rate. On your road of discovery you will find out who you are and who you were created to be. Through psychotherapeutic interventions and pastoral teaching, training, and coaching you can overcome your problems and develop positive attitudes to life.

Mentoring and Life Coaching

Life can be a struggle and is very stressful. Often, due to circumstances beyond our control, we become indoctrinated and trapped with unhelpful attitudes, perceptions and inappropriate lifestyle choices.

To live life successfully we need life skills. Often these are not taught us within our families. Skills in managing relationships, money and sex are vital if we want to remain safe and not be hurt. We also need to know how to communicate, understand our limit of personal responsibility and balancing our work-life balance. Life Skill Counsel will help you develop these skills and many others in a manner that will allow you to enjoy life and enjoy it abundantly.

Mentoring and coaching is offered to help you understand life from a Biblical perspective. You can be taught and equipped with an understanding of Biblical principles and shown how to apply them in everyday situations.

Most of us are aware of the spiritual side of life. Very few of us are aware of its impact

upon us and often we become caught up in spiritual practices that are not helpful. These practices may hold us captive. We may realise we are struggling spiritually but unless we have a clear understanding of how to get free we are trapped.

Life Skill Counsel can offer clear teaching on this subject and is able to help you regain control over your life free from spiritual influences. With over 20 years experience in this field, Life Skill Counsel is able to coach you through into new life without undue stress and fear.